العدد (538) - اصدار (9-2003)

In the Current Impasse of Arab Culture: The Postponement of Hopes and the Hastening of Fears Sulaiman Al-Askary

There is no doubt that we are suffering from an Arab cultural crisis with many facets, in education, social and political declarations, and the definitions of creativity and human production. Instead of working to emerge from this crisis, we are dissipating our efforts on side issues which are of no use. “We are not asked to give up our dreams because others stole them from us or are misleading us with them.” This paragraph was from a statement by the writer Salah Essa when he asked to comment on the words of speakers in the first session of the conference “Arab Culture towards a New Cultural Statement: from the Challenges of the Present to the Horizons of the Future”, which was held in Cairo in the period 1-2 July this year